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Wireless - Automatically Follows Selected Satellite

The WiFi Autonomic Antenna Rotator Control for Satellites it's a self contained and autonomic antenna rotator control that follows the azimuth and altitude of the satellite selected. 

The module retrieves the selected satellite information from a server and sends the rotation commands to an azimuth and elevation rotator controller. It designed specifically for the Yaesu G5500 rotator but can be used with any rotator that accepts Left and Right and Up and Down simple switch commands and sends analog voltage as indication of the rotator current position.

The module allows for easy calibration of the voltages coming from the rotator. 

The module is controlled with a simple command from a web browser:



module_IP is the IP assigned to the module by your router at time of configuration

port is the port number selected at time of configuration

name is the code name of the satellite to be followed

lat is the latitude of the observer

lon is the longitude of the observer

ele is the elevation of the observer in meters

For more information on the service used to retrieve the current position of the satellite visit or