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Wireless - Remote Controlled - Extended Commands Option

This WiFi Wireless Ham Radio Coax Antenna Switch allows a single transceiver to switch between 4 antennas or 4 transceivers to switch to a single antenna. (NOTE: the normally grounded model MUST NOT be connected to several transmitter or you risk permanently damaging it) 

The antenna switch comes with 2 separate modules: 

  • WiFi switch control module

  • Relays and connectors module

Having separate modules makes it more convenient to enclose the connectors in a metal box and the control in a small plastic box, the 2 modules are easily connected with 5 wires (wires not provided) via the screw terminal. 

3D printing files for connector and control module enclosures are available upon request.

Fully configurable via a web browser (SSID of router and password)

The standard firmware module  responds to simple TCP commands: 1,2,3,4 or a simple html command from your browser:"relay number" 

The status of the switch can be requested via a web browser command (the status is displayed as a simple JSON string):

The extended commands module (optional) responds to many more commands such as:

n  or sn: turns switch n  ON and all others OFF

+n : turns switch n ON leaving all other switches untouched

-n : turns switch n OFF leaving all other switches untouched

tn : toggles switch n (ON if OFF, OFF if ON)

g : turns all switched OFF (grounds them if the connector board supports grounding on OFF position)

Screw connectors on both boards. 

Requires wires to connect the control unit to the relay/connector board (wires not provided).  


WiFi Control Module

WiFi control board based on the ESP8266.
Large screw connectors (Blue).
LED switch indicators.
Reset and Clear Settings push buttons.
Mini USB power connector.
5V power input screw connector.
2.5 in x 2.5 in
Available also with all small screw connectors (Green)

SO-239 Connector Module

5 x SO-239 connectors

3.9 in x 3.9 in

Connector Module Relay Side

4 x 5VDC relays
Small screw connector
Max 1 kW power rating