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Wireless - Remote Controlled

This WiFi Wireless 8 Relay Switch is a general purpose switch bank that allows independent control of the 8 relays. This module can be used to remotely control transceivers, antenna tuners, antenna rotators, computers, and other amateur radio devices that allow digital signal control 

The switch comes with 2 separate modules: 

  • WiFi switch control module

  • Relays module

(Enclosure not included)​

Having separate modules makes it more convenient to enclose the relays in a  metal box and the control in a small plastic box, the 2 modules are easily connected with 9 wires (wires not provided) via the screw terminal. Both modules can be easily mounted in a single box

Fully configurable via a web browser (SSID of router and password)

The switch responds to simple TCP  commands: 1,2,3,...8 or a simple html command from your browser:

where rrrrrrrr is a combination of 0s and 1s representing the state of the relay number. For example to turn on relay 1 and 5 you will use:

To turn relays 2,3 and 7 on, you will use:

The status of the switch can be requested via a web browser command (the status is displayed as a simple JSON string):

Screw connectors on both boards. 

Requires wires to connect the control unit to the relay (wires not provided).  

Feature Subtitle

  • 5VDC power input 

  • 200 ma maximum transmitting/receiving 

  • 5ma stand by 

  • 10A max current

  • 250V max voltage

  • 8 outputs, NO and NC

  • Configuration and control SSID  and password of WiFi router configurable via web browser.

  • Simple TCP messaging to control switch

  • The status of the switches can be retrieved via a simple command

  • Fully controllable using standard web browser

  • Can be controlled also via Python script, php, TCP, http, or your own app

  • 2 models available (specify when buying)

  1. ​all combinations possible

  2. single ON, all others OFF


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